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Hi All! Welcome to my blog breathishealth.com. My name is Dr.Shrikant Bhave. I am a doctorate degree holder in mechanical engineering. I started my professional career as a teacher in H.B.T.I where I worked for 10 years(1966-1976) after which I joined BHEL where I worked for 20 years. I worked in L&T till 2002 . I worked as a consulting engineer till 2018.

I developed interest in pranayama yoga inspired by my wife in 2005. Seeing TV programs I learnt pranayama techniques and seeing the effectiveness of pranayama in overcoming complex diseases, I undertook the study of modern medical sciences. Based upon this study i delivered a few presentations on reasons for effectiveness of pranayama in overcoming complex diseases at Patanjali Yoga Peeth in Haridwar in 2007 which obtained high acclaim from audience.Part of the work I presented is included in a book -Yog in Synergy with Medical Science published by patanjali yoga peeth(2007).
I continued my research in this area and started giving free lectures on using pranayama techniques in overcoming diseases. I also teach pranayama without charges as token of services to society. The latest is on eradication of cancer where several people appear have overcome cancer after practising the pranayama techniques. I do this as a service to society as I feel that medical services have now become money spinners in most cases. Please feel free to contact me at srikantbhave4@gmail.com. Alternatively you can also whatsapp me at the following numbers 9824175099, 9900236005

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