How Do You Calm Butterflies In Your Stomach:Stress and Gut-Part 1

Stress and Gut connection

All of our feelings create highly perceptible physiological changes. Some of them are happiness, mental peace, contentment and compassionate etc. These ensure very healthy physiology of their body and the bearers of these feelings generally live long and happy life. Majority of people in modern day life carry negative feelings for reasons best known to them. One of the most common feeling experienced by majority of modern day people that include youth, young adults as well as old adults is highly stressed feeling. The long term exposure to mental stresses subjects these people to derailed physiology and working of their body without any exception. Please note that we are not talking about physical stress that is very adaptive to body unless it is excessive.

While under mental stress, our heart rate can go up, our blood pressure may rise, and blood is shunted away from our midsection, going to our arms, legs, and head for quick thinking, fighting, or fleeing. A short term exposure to excess stress may not always give rise to higher heart rate and BP provided we order our mind to calm down. Please believe that humans have capability to do so

This exposure to severe mental stress is meant to be a temporary response to help with survival.  However when stress becomes chronic, as it is the case for millions of people who might be reading this, it can pull the rug out from beneath our health, wreaking havoc firstly  on our gut and digestive health. Ultimately it leads to complex diseases such as high BP, diabetes, irritable bowels syndrome, Alzheimer, Parkinson disease and even cancers. On the other hand, if we strictly follow Ahar, Vihar and Vichar principles given in Patanjali Yoga Sutra such a situation is not likely to occur.

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