Dealing with Obesity

Obesity is a problem spread world over especially in extremely developed countries and started appearing in a big way in developing country like India.

What is Obesity?

  • Fat accumulation over entire body – prominent in waist, stomach, thigh region, upper arms etc. The body looks like swollen figure. Obese people find it very uncomfortable to appear in public and usually develop a great deal of inferiority complex and sadness. The obese usually try to divert their mind from this state of mind by resorting to engage their mind in eating making the problem much worse. Of course majority of obese people deny this strongly.
  • Obese people usually put up very significant efforts such as reduction in amount of diet, exercising etc to eliminate/reduce obesity but, most times, they miserably fail to achieve the goals.
  • The efforts include diet control (mostly switch over to vegetables, fruits and avoid cereals etc.), exercises (very difficult for them) and even taking slimming medicines.
  • The obese develop high level of inferiority complex and remain in mentally stressed condition
  • Externally/outwardly they appear to be very jolly but internally their hearts bleed.
  • Strangely obesity is very severe in highly developed countries and it is reaching alarming levels in developing countries like India.
  • Mostly obesity affected people belong to higher income class and rarely in lower income class.
  • Adverse effects of obesity are not limited to only physical looks .It is well known that obese have a higher chance of getting diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, cancer etc.
  • It is important to understand the reasons for becoming obese so that with your own efforts you can get rid of it.
  • This discussion is aimed at bringing out facts about obesity which are not known to common man including a few medical professionals.
  • Note that there is no pill/medicine which will eliminate obesity.

Well known Causes of Obesity

  • Overeating: Compulsive overeating because of lack of other meaningful activities, munching while watching TV programs, movies or during drinking sessions. One has to train his/her mind to understand that without starters programs can be enjoyed.
  • Lack of physical exercises due to comforts offered by powered vehicles, lifts and various home appliances like vacuum cleaners, automatic washing machines, food processors etc.
  • Overconsumption of dietary supplements advertized in TV programs.
  •  Increased number of times eating is done since nothing else is there at hand to do.

Important Reasons of Obesity that you Probably Never Knew

  • Defective life style caused by over abundance of means of physical comforts.
  • Unrestful mind.
  • Stresses in mind resulting in breathing disorders.
  • Defective breathing such as hyper ventilation or hypo ventilation.
  • Genetic factors (as claimed by modern medical science).
  • Most important consequence of defective breathing is abnormal growth of fat cells. This is one of most little known reasons of obesity which we discussed in earlier slides.
  • The healthy breathing rate in inactive/resting state of body is about 10 -15 breaths per minute. This breathing is rhythmic in nature and involves smooth movement of abdominal muscles. We can see it in breathing of infants.

Hyperventilation and Hypoventilation are the primary cause for Obesity

What happens when cells do not get enough oxygen?

In case the breathing process adopted does not allow enough oxygen to the cell, the energy generation in the cell is by fermentation process in which the by- products include lactic acid, uric acid etc. These are all toxic wastes called lactates. The body does not allow these toxic overloads to move to circulation system. Body in turn develops excess fat cells in which the toxic overloads are stored. This causes creation of generation of fats in the body locations such as hips, belly regions, thighs, upper arms etc. The above is described for common man to understand that both hyperventilation and hypo ventilation are the prime cause of obesity.

Why is it so Hard for Obese People to Lose Weight?

Our body’s ability to process trash, including toxic trash, is a pervasive factor in our ability to lose weight and reach a healthy goal weight. Struggling with this issue activates backup strategies for dealing with toxic overload, which include expanding the number of fat cells and stuffing them with toxins as well as fat. This is likely done to get the toxic trash out of our circulation and away from key organs. It causes easy weight gain and complicates weight loss because our body does not easily give up the toxic fat it has stored.

Other Complications of Obesity

The scientific theory of how these chemicals cause weight gain and difficulty losing weight has now been established.  They bind to gene signalling within white adipose tissue and induce new fat cells to form while simultaneously increasing inflammation. Oftentimes, the newly formed fat cells are themselves damaged by the toxins so that they cannot metabolically perform, which includes an inability to make leptin normally. These damaged fat cells can fill up with excess fat and toxins, but are not able to efficiently carry out normal functions of fat cells, leading directly to increased risk for type 2 diabetes via the suppression of the important fat cell hormone known as adiponectin. These chemicals pose a serious problem to the thyroid gland and the efficient utilization of thyroid hormone throughout our body.  Furthermore, they can cause either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

What is The Best Way to Combat Obesity?

Trying to get the fat and toxins out of these damaged fat cells is no small challenge in terms of successful weight loss, yet it is vital to restore normal metabolism. This means that we must improve our breathing method, resort to healthy diet and if possible, learn pranayama under guidance of a experienced and qualified pranayama teacher. Try to avoid vigorous exercises which can drain you of your energy because of which there is a huge temptation and likelihood of overeating. Yogasanas certainly help in reducing the flab but they also must be done with lot of patience. Do not believe in slimming drugs as they can pose dangerous problems.

In many ways, our polluted world is a true test of genetic survival of the fittest. The number of toxic chemicals now threatens the reproductive ability of the human race and is also a large part of the cancer issue. These chemicals contribute to weight gain in various ways, including disruption of the hormone signalling system that regulates our metabolism, damage to and accumulation in our white adipose tissue, and increased risk for poisoning during weight loss. It is absolutely vital that we understand this subject fully well.

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