Panch Pranas and the Regions of their Influence

The Pranashakti or cosmic life force enters the body through the energy bodies connected at the chakras. We also discussed that the Prana, the life force has five main components namely Prana, Udana, Apana, Samaan and Vyana. These components of the life force have their influences in particular regions of the body as shown in figure .

Prana Vayu governs the region between larynx and the base of the heart which is its seat.It has upward motion. Prana controls inhalation and swallowing. It controls organs such as eyes,nose ears and tongue.

Apana Vayu has influence below the navel and its seat is in the rectum. Apana vayu controls elimination and ejection functions of kidneys,colon,rectum,bladder and genitals.

Samana Vayu is the organizing force.It governs the region between the heart and the navel.It is the principal regulator of metabolic activity in digestion.Its seat is in the navel and intestines.It regulates pancreas and stomach and separates nutrients from waste.In a person with disordered Samana Vayu, despite having good appetite and good intake of food cannot assimilate food. The body then retains toxins.Such people have short breath,gastric disorders and at times unsound mind.

Udana Vayu enables exhalation.It is concerned with speech.Without Udana, Prana has no value. Udana controls body above larynx.

Vyana Vayu pervads the entire body and is the principal co-ordinator of other vayus. It has no specific seat.

As mentioned earlier, the cosmic life energy is extremely wide band electromagnetic wave energy or photonic energy. As it enters the body, its characteristics get changed due to interactions with products of various cellular processes which generate various fluids such as hormones, enzymes and gases such as H+, NH3, and CO2 etc. Although the entire process is too complicated, we can understand some elementary facts about the same by analyzing a bit more about the Oxygen metabolism reaction.

Breath and Food-Basic Inputs to the Body

The basic inputs to any living being, the cell growth and sustenance are input of life energy and the food that will provide the energy required for the life. The input of life is provided by the breathing wherein one utilizes the oxygen in air to oxidize the sugar which is generated through the assimilation of the food. Both of the inputs to the living being must synchronize and match properly.

One of the most undesirable processes of taking in life energy from the breath is unscientific process of breathing. In many cases people, breathe more than required and that condition is as bad as or even worse than over eating. This fact was brought out in most scientific terms in Maharishi Patanjali’s Ashtang yoga. One of the Anga (part) of this yoga is Pranayama. The most important thing to be observed in Pranayama yoga is that we must develop a total confidence/conviction that our disease will disappear totally. The indifferent and the wavering mind make this a bit difficult. For overcoming this problem, a very simple breathing pattern has been suggested. This is the Kevala Kumbhaka Pranayama

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