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In the modern (21st) century, the standard of living, world over has gone up to a very large extent. Things such as having car, refrigerator, air conditioners, modern household gadgets such as microwave oven, grinders and mixers etc have become a normal necessity of life in 21st century. This has spread even to villages in India and elsewhere in the world. Parallely complex Health issues have also surfaced in last two decades. People, now being able to somehow manage/afford things which were considered as luxuries in past, have become very sensitive to health issues because of their awareness about it. Many people therefore regularly monitor a few key medical parameters such as blood pressure, blood/urine sugar levels, blood cholesterol levels, thyroid function etc. In case they discover these health parameters beyond acceptable medical standards, they put themselves on medical treatment as per medical advice without understanding the root causes of the problems. Some people who do not regularly monitor health parameters, they, by chance, find themselves to be suffering from the above mentioned diseases. The medical practitioners, in majority of the cases do not take trouble of explaining the causative factors to the patients. Patients, on their part, follow the advice given by doctor but they may have to bear the side effects of treatment –considered as inevitable. At times, these side effects may prove to very troublesome. Majority of the people do not realize the fact that the diseases such as high BP, diabetes, high cholesterol levels etc are primarily due to defective life style, improper dietary habits and stresses in conscious/subconscious mind. Even dreaded disease such as cancer is known to be caused by defective cellular respiration. One of major reasons for defective cellular respiration is uncontrolled stresses in mind.
Modern medical science is unable to define mind, its location in the body, its anatomy and physiology. All that is known is some of the chemical molecules that can influence the behavior of mind. Hence we have all sorts of anti-stress drugs and other psychotic drugs. But these drugs can result in serious side effects that can significantly derail body physiology.

Vedic medical science, on the other hand deals with various aspects of mind in much detailed way. We shall revert back to this in our later blog posts.
Health awareness as mentioned previously has increased many folds in last 15 -20 years and thus people do not mind much about medical expenses. This has resulted in Medicare profession to thrive and to assume status of an industry. However, it has now become somewhat expensive. This is because professional doctors, in majority of cases have to invest a large amount of money in their medical practice. The reasons for this are

A few Reasons Why Medical Care has become so Expensive

  • Medical education has become excessively expensive world over as well as in India. A graduate degree holder in medical sciences has no chance to prosper unless he acquires P.G. degree and does internship for at least couple of years in large & reputed hospitals even after getting the PG degree from even prestigious medical schools.
  • Majority of qualified doctors desire to have their practice in their own clinics.
  • Owning a clinic/hospital calls for excessive/massive investments. In majority of the cases return on investments (ROI) starts only in mid thirties of the doctors.
  • One way to overcome this problem is to start hospital on commercial basis with partly own money and partly through loans from financial institutions, employing specialist doctors on retainer basis and get a status of corporate hospital.
  • There are large numbers of health insurance companies offering very attractive terms such as cashless treatments in variety of health insurance schemes provided the treatments are done only in “recognized” hospitals.
  • Corporates insist upon their employees getting annual health check up only in hospitals which they recognize.
  • Very large number of medical insurance schemes, annual check-ups in corporate hospitals etc actually promotes medical business. This has given rise to several unethical practices. Medical profession has thus become a major money spinning industry.
  • The awareness of health issues has increased multi-fold in last few decades giving rise to significantly lowered mortality rates but the quality of life in terms of feeling of contentment, mental peace has significantly gone down.
  • Undoubtedly medical standards have significantly gone up but quality of life has significantly deteriorated because of nagging health issues requiring long term drug support.

The principal aim of this blog is not to carry out critical analysis or launch criticism on current medical practice but to bring to the notice of common man the advantages of yoga in general and Pranayama in particular in keeping good health without drug support. Of course, one must seek help of modern medical science in case of medical emergencies.

The main purpose of this blog is not to criticize modern medical science and over glorify the ancient Vedic medical science. The main purpose of the book is to make readers aware of the fact that the Almighty has given to human beings a capability to control the physiology of their body through conscious control of their breathing process. To the best of my knowledge no other living being has such abilities. The biggest asset of human beings is their mind – a good part of which is in their conscious control. The human beings too have some of the natural instincts which animals have but, they can control them using their mind and intellect.

Controlling stresses in the mind must get top priority in overcoming the existing and avoiding diseases in future since many of the complex diseases affecting human beings are stress induced. One should remember that mind is not a material body perceptible to normal human sensory organs and also that it is not a biochemical unit which will respond to drugs without causing consequential damage to the human body.

It is not easy to get control over mind although everybody thinks that he knows the method to control breathing pattern. People may be able to control rate of breathing only in a controlled state of mind and that that too only for very few moments. No sooner one starts controlling breathing rate, the monkey part of the mind pulls him back to equilibrium stage of waves of thoughts, worries etc and breathing pattern becomes substantially unstable.

Vedic medical science, in particular, Patanjali Yoga Sutra attends to this problem very efficiently through Ashtanga Yoga. Although it is quite simple to understand what is being said in Ashtanga Yoga, it is very difficult for common man, in present times, to practice it fully because of present day socio-economic constraints.

The modern day life is characterized by fierce professional competition and high materialistic values. Comforts provided by modern technology and highly compartmentalized family structures are making human habits more sedentary. With this, there is an ever increasing trend of people (in almost all age groups) falling victim to life style and stress induced ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, mental disorders and even cancers.

Undoubtedly, the medical research and developments of new medicines and surgical procedures have provided some relief but they tend to treat symptoms rather than the root causes. Also the costs of these treatments are spiraling so fast that they are fast becoming unaffordable for the common man. There has been a strong movement in India for using Pranayama (set of breathing exercises brought out by ancient Indian saint, maharishi Patanjali) to resolve complex health issues such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, coronary blockages, asthma, Parkinson disease and even more complex diseases such as cancers. Ability to breathe in any manner is great boon given by the almighty to human beings.

Some Personal Experiences

After practicing some of the breathing exercises (in Pranayama Yoga) for about a fortnight, I got rid of 4 Kilograms in weight without any side effect or weakness. This prompted me to investigate the scientific basis of Pranayama Yoga.

What can you Attain By Reading this Blog?

This blog aims at bringing out the scientific basis of Pranayama with a hope that modern medical fraternity looks at it seriously and do not throw out the concepts – simply because they fail to understand and digest the concepts and more importantly, it does affect their practice as it is now happening in India. I do not claim to have done fundamental research in Pranayama. All that I have done is a logical interpretation of the some of the already known modern medical facts from the point of view of Pranayama.

By following this blog you can get the following benefits

  • A thorough understanding of the scientific basis of Pranayama
  • Learn a few important Pranayama Techniques
  • Understand how Pranayama can Heal the Body without medicines
  • Cure yourself of the physical disorders and emotional disturbances by regularly practising the Pranayama techniques.
  • Steady practise arouses the inner spiritual light and brings about true happiness

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