The Three Main Pillars of Good Health: Ahar(Diet),Vihar(Lifestyle),Vichar(Mind Control)

Yogic Science strongly believes that the health of the human being both in mind as well as the body are controlled by three very important factors in our daily life

  • Ahar (diet). the food that one in takes should be non-offending to the body. Although tough at times, it is possible to control diet without being sad about it on long term basis. Regularized eating habits and avoiding irregularly excessive eating habits are very important.
  • Vihar (life style). This means simple way of living without sacrificing modern comforts and means of living. Regular physical exercises play a vital role in keeping disorders at bay.People under disturbed mind/dull mind set develop sedentary habits. They seldom undertake physical activities.
  • Vichar (mind control). This is the most difficult part to control. This is because mind (conscious & subconscious) contains a significant part of a “monkey” mind – always wavering, giving rise to apprehensive/fearful/raging/perverted thoughts.Disharmony in mind is mother of majority ailments. It is however possible to drive out this monkey mind once we recognize it. But it is quite a difficult task that requires significant patience and perseverance .Stable and peaceful mind is a pre-requisite for clean internal environment of our body.

These above factors control the internal environment of the body(digestive, cardio-pulmonary, respiratory and other circulation systems). If this environment is ok, we can have disease free body & mind and would seldom require any medication.

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